Nokia RM 625 C6v40 Storm

Nokia RM 625 C6v40 Storm

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Storm 2.0 Firebolt

Hey guys after a long break and growing requests from users, I present you Storm 2.0 Firebolt.
As you know Storm series of firmwares is known for originality and the default feel, Storm v1.0 was based on C6's interface. Storm 2.0 Firebolt is based on Nokia's X7.

Many things are kept default, users today got a variety of choices to make.
So, its on you to remove things or keep them as it is in the firmware. Just get your Hands on Firebolt's ROFS2 and modify it as you desire. I could not finish it to the perfection but firebolt is totally optimized to the best. It is based on C6v42 port by binh24. The RAM management has been the best i ever did, So don't get upset if ram ends up at 40mb. The phone will be smooth, fast and quicker then it ever was.  We need performance in the end.

Here are the features and change logs:
RAM management optimised.
C6v42 as the base firmware.
Theme effects are light and fast.
Changes in Task handling
70mb + on C partition.
New Belle icons.
Nokia theme Belle (Exclusive)
Default startup screen.
Default OFW portrait keyboard
(Reason to do so is because new portrait keyboard has small function buttons hence inconvenient)
N8 QWERTY keyboard ( Dan -AV)
Share online Replaced with Accel switch (Switch orientation directly).
New Native Web Browser with Bottom bar.
Search app baked into the firmware.
Softkeys are similar to belle (thanks to N0tr3v3 for the overlays).
Softkey bar modded like belle (exclusive)
Phone model Shows Nokia X7 on *#0000#
Default Storm Font used (calibri_drigz)
N8 landscape layout in the drawer.
Conversations integrated to messaging.
Now you can add conv. to shortcuts on homescreen.
Musicplayer reads /music folder on the SD-card.
Memcheck app baked in.
Nokia filebrowser for file management.
Drawings, My Nokia, SW update can be used.
Notifications widgets.
swipe to unlock by technopolist (exclusive)
Shutdown and restart options on power button hold.
Belle clock can be selected.
Nokia maps 3.06 (works smooth without lag)

core and uda


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

symbian belle notification panel

hey guys i was thinking of an idea of porting or making a notification panel for s^1.
Take a look at the video.

for downloading the file visit

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nokia RM 625 C6v40 Storm


NOKIA 5233 C6 V40 STORM- siddhesh patil .,..for more support complains bugs requests,, contact

I am releasing my first custom firmware Nokia "Storm"
I have mainly focused on keeping things default and orignal as seen in c6 orignal firmware.. but with the latest MODs

My regards to the respective devs like dan-av , binh24, etc for their mods and ports..

This CFW is for V50.1.001

C6 v40 Modifications
Qt 4.07(3) + Qt mobility 1.01(3) + Qt webkit 4.07(3)
Nokia Internet Brower - Extremely fast
Nokia Maps 3.06(637) update
Speed upgrades
Better Ram manager
Music Player with music update
Emoticons Added!
Nokia c6 default Icons
Touch camera button solved
Camera Flash Problem Fixed
landscape mod v2( thanks to duybinh24)
Rotation Speed Ultra Fast
Delete All Wifi Files & Widgets
C6 default theme
Delete Wifi - Acess point
Nokia file browser and drawings added
nokia S^3 keyboard (autorotate fixed)
mini qwerty disabled
New swipe to unlock (exclusive mod by me)
phone model: c6 when *#0000# is dialed
ovi contacts removed
ovi sync and my nokia removed
76 mb internal free after flash
55 mb ram on boot
average ram 40-48 (due to orignal icons)
contact widget bug fixed
mem check app added
orignal startup and shut down screen
6 page symbols with nokia calibri font
Shut down and restart logo (thanks to emotionaliser)
Very fast and lite theme effects
contact widget works perfectly even with backup
Fast boot

Bugs Fixed
Mediabar Video Shortcut fixed
Music Player not open menu on exit
All Bugs In Camera Fixed
Touch Screen Light Fix
Touch Screen Brightness Fix
All Lags In menu removed
Email Fixed

For the Core:
RM 625 core c6v40 by binh24

For the rofs2:
RM 625 c6v40 Rofs2

If u dont like the swipe to unlock here are mods wid may colours put them in rofs2/resource/apps (the color you want).. (Thanks to furcom)
the file is in attachments!

Hard reset after flash by dialing *#7370# for stability.